LETTER: Cycle path issues

IN reply to Sue Goacher’s letter last week concerning the new cycle path north of Lavant, I would like to take issue with her over the following points.

The badger setts which she says have been disturbed is complete nonsense, the badgers are very evidently continuing to live happily all along the new route, not batting an eyelid.

I am amazed that children still cross the road in almost the same location as one of the barred access points in order to reach West Dean primary school, perhaps the school needs to be closed at once since it is so dangerous!

Yet Sue Goacher maintains that any entry onto this road is just too hazardous! However she is quite happy to condemn us all to walking along the main road along the existing narrow path with all its noise and pollution, not a route I would willingly choose with young children or dogs.

The ugly fence with its rolls of barbed wire that she refers to is designed to keep us from accessing the short distance of about four metres to the ‘dangerous’ road.

Already there have been some ugly incidents when people have been frustrated in their attempts to reach the road.

Will you be satisfied when someone gets hurt in their attempt, and who will be liable if they are damaged by the barbed wire? I am sure the National Park can’t be very happy to see it there.

Does West Dean support its local businesses because it seems you are going about it in a very strange way, more a ‘keep out’ policy I would say. What a very unfriendly place!

But how strange, the very cycle path that you did not want to see, West Dean, appears to be regularly used by West Dean residents who have the combination to the padlock that opens the gate!

How wonderful for you, your very own private access to a path, built for us all using public money! Do you know, I don’t think I want to visit West Dean again.

Cynthia Blades

East View Close,