LETTER: Cycling safety

THROUGH the excellent service given by the Chichester Area Talking News, we have learned that the county council is hoping for a footpath all the way between Bognor and Littlehampton.

As there is a path from the Bognor roundabout (Chichester) to Bognor, this would extend cycling possibilities considerably.

Still better, now that at last a bridge over the A27 at Whyke is under way, would be to have a footpath on the south side of the A27 between the Whyke and Bognor roundabouts, (who bothers about money?) and have for cyclists a complete run east from Stockbridge to the A259 .

Perhaps county councillors will laugh themselves silly over this idea.

But I wonder how much more the footbridge at the Whyke roundabout is costing now than it would have done had the plans of a couple of years ago been carried through?

It should also be noted that at present only people with a death wish cross Whyke Road at its south end – and they have to cross, as there is no pavement on the west side of Whyke Road for quite a few yards.

Marion Somerville

Whyke Road