LETTER: Cyclists breaking the rules

WHEN I walked on to East Street last week I had a pleasant surprise. I saw two police officers chatting with passersby. While near the Cross there were two others doing the same. Gosh, two pairs, whatever next!

I waited and the ‘next’ came along.Three cyclists, two young teenagers and an adult. Each cycled passed the two officers! Subsequently I asked the policemen hadn’t they seen the three cyclist? One replied ‘no’, the other saw just ‘two teenagers’.

Neither seemed to have seen the adult cyclist, that is the one that passed less than three yards in front of them! Next question, ‘Why didn’t you have a word with them?’ The officer who hadn’t seen any cyclists, thought the teenagers were cycling slowly and hence not causing any problems!

“But,” I replied, “there are notices which clearly state ‘NO CYCLING’.” The policeman agreed but informed me they were put up by the council who had people to enforce those regulations, ‘like parking’ he said! At that stage I knew I had ‘lost’.

As I walked up North Street, deeply pondering, I saw a well-built man on a sports bike, yes cycling, rapidly but skilfully weaving his way in and out of pedestrians heading for the second group of police officers. Wonder what happened at the Cross?

Pondering Pedestrian

New Park Road,