LETTER: Dangerous junction needs monitoring

IS IT not about time the Fishbourne roundabout is monitored in some way. either by CCTV or part time lights?

My daughter was travelling to work this evening from the Stockbridge roundabout. As she approached the roundabout to go to Tesco, she got in the centre lane indicating right to take the third exit. A large van pulled into the outside lane, which is for Terminus Road.

But as she and the van set off, the van decided to cut her off causing her to do an emergency stop and the van carried on to Portsmouth, basically flat lining the roundabout.

It was that close that a witness followed her into Tescos to make sure she was OK.

I’ve personally witnessed a lot of bad manoeuvres like this on this roundabout. It’s too fast with too many exits and it’s just a matter of time before there’s a fatal accident.

Mr N Jeffs

Rookwood Road,

West Wittering