LETTER: Darker side of dog training

To all my dog friends who would never use E-Collars.

Now the whole conception of E-collars has changed. The old objection of they might be used as a last resort has gone. This now can never be used by those sitting on the fence as an excuse to the objection bringing in a total ban on the use of E-Collars.

The darker side of dog training has now become an abuse of all dogs from puppies to oldies, dogs with serious health and mental problems and rescue dogs of all breeds.

What is this about? It is abuse of the worst kind in the name of dog training. No not harsh handling as we know it but a taught method of dog training which will never be acceptable in our country.

Are we a country of animal lovers? There are times when I wonder if we know what love is. In my book it means caring for them and how we behave to them. They depend on us to protect them from harm, both physical and mental stress.

Now from the USA come humans calling themselves dog training instructors, holding training weeks to teach our pet owners to use E- Collars in place of our reward based methods.

They are motivated by financial gain being sponsored by the manufactures of E-Collars, sold under the name of Mini Educators. These are just a new name for the electric collar and delivers the same volume of static to shock to the dog.

It is unbelievable that this is being permitted to happen here in this country. If you want to see the examples of this training being taught look online.

Please help to get these devices banned in dog training by contacting your MP in England and the Scottish Government, who has the E-Collar ban up for consideration this autumn.

My dog training instructor friends managed as a group to stop two of the E-Collar weeks training this year, by contacting the venues where they were to be held. The venue owners were so aghast at what they had taken the bookings for, they refused the booking. In Eastbourne according to a local newspaper they received 1,000 signatures from dog owners against e collar training.

Together we dog lovers can stop this abuse of dogs. There are more than enough of us to do this before these horrible devices become the tool all dog owners use on their dogs.

Please feel free to contact me at any time by letter or email.