LETTER: Deplore closure

I MUST say how much I deplore the closing of Selsey Works as mentioned in the Observer.

After all the hard work put in by Mrs Tate, helpers and volunteers to get the Selsey Works set up and running, not to mention the monies granted by West Sussex County Council, Chichester District Council, the department of work and pensions and others, to close it down after one year, seems to me a very short-sighted decision.

Through the dedication of Mrs Tate and her volunteers, the number of Selsey residents that have been helped to find work has drastically reduced unemployed persons in Selsey.

However, no account seems to have been taken of the great many people who have also been helped, from schoolchildren right up to senior citizens.

As I understand the position, Chichester District Council have declined to reduce the rent of the property where Selsey Works is based, which would go a considerable way to alleviating the problem.

Come on CDC, please think again and help save such a valuable resource. Selsey needs the Selsey Works.

I must wonder two things. How long the property will remain empty (no rent being paid at all) and what are the prospects of getting volunteers and helpers to come forward in future, if the proverbial rug is pulled out from beneath them, after such a short time?

Bernard Smith

West Sussex County Council

Selsey Division