LETTER: Every right for noise complaint

Chichester has long been known as the nimby capital of the universe but D.F. Owgan has every right to complain about the noise from Goodwood Aerodrome.

The reason he or she has that right is because young men from Tangmere and the surrounding satellite airfields fought to defend the values

we now accept as being typically British.

The brave men who flew fighters from Westhampnett and the very capable young ladies of the ATA who delivered the same aircraft, have made a major contribution to this country. A contribution that often included their lives.

These aeroplanes and the grass airfields that they operated from have become part of British culture.

This fact is not lost on the people currently operating light aircraft from Goodwood, who are well acquainted with the history of the airfield and the role it played in the Battle of Britain.

These are highly qualified and highly professional people who would not wish to inconvenience anyone, but the fact remains that if you buy a house near an active airfield you will hear aeroplanes.

The characteristic sound of the Harvard is not engine noise, but is propeller induced. Goodwood Flying School instructors will always reduce propeller rpm after take-off to minimise this effect.

There are other noise abatement procedures in place, which are designed to reduce any possible nuisance to the local population with due regard for flight safety.

How good it has been to see Spitfires operating again from Goodwood, and I hope they may do so for many years to come. Incidentally nobody complained about the noise in 1940.

Ivor Dadswell

Old Mill Farm