LETTER: Expect no less from politicians

FOR once a local politician has stirred a hornet’s nest of no particular political concern, and Ken Strudwick has added his valuable comments to those of others. But unfortunately he will have upset many from a neighbouring county.

The Swale is a stretch of seawater separating the Isle of Sheppey from mainland Kent. The River Medway is the fresh and then tidal river that separates West Kent from East Kent.

It is generally accepted that Kentish Men come from the former, and Men of Kent from the latter – both the Oxford and Chambers Dictionaries agree on that.

My mother and my children happen to be Kentish Men and Maids.

I am pleased to have lived in Kent, and in Scotland, and both parts of Ireland, but I was born in Cambridge. Unfortunately I believe that the University there has purloined the adjective Cantabrigian for its own use, but maybe one of your readers can prolong discussion of that. But I would not claim to be a native of any of those other places in which I have enjoyed living, including Hambrook.

I do however support the land of my childhood and education – Scotland – in the sport of rugby, just as I would support Chichester as a place against others with which I have no connection. I am equally sure that our local politicians are capable of giving Chichester their undivided and loyal support whatever their own origins, and I know that all your voting readers would expect no less of them, which nicely leads back to the more political thinking of Teresa Carlysle.

Stephen Caldicott

Priors Leaze Lane,