LETTER: Extra charges from junk mail

Could firms charge customers less if they did not pay the post office money to deliver junk mail, plus the cost of printing it all?

Today I had three junk mail put through my door to only go straight into my recycling bag... Nearly every day I get all this and not even any real letters...

Today it is pizza which I don’t even eat. Garden and kitchen things, plus a food leaflet...

Maureen Rodgers

Stockbridge Road, Chichester

Other litter is much worse

I note in ‘Court Round Up’ the continued prosecution of offenders who have dropped cigarette butts. I am all in favour of preventing tobacco littering but these are soft targets compared to the impact of other littering abuse; after all butts do degenerate in rain.

Can we please see more and maximum litter fines for dog mess, sputum, vomit and take away trash these not only have a public health risk but are truly vile littering behaviours.

If you want to find trash littering and people to fine go to the Roman Amphitheatre park any sunny day. The bin collector and park grass cutter both tell me they have been subject to swearing and verbal abuse when they have requested the mess be cleared up.

Let’s deal with the worst littering first not the easiest to prosecute. I look forward to seeing many more varied litter offenders in Court Round Up.

Karen Guy, Cleveland Road, Chichester