LETTER: Fail to understand hospital decision

AS the ex-chairman of Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, I fail to understand why such a decision has been made.

It seems to me that the Coastal West Sussex Commissioning Group have simply not thought through the implications of such a decision and the impact this will have on other essential services such as accident and emergency care supplied by the hospital trust.

There are a number of unanswered questions such as, how will Western Sussex Hospitals be able to continue to run emergency trauma and orthopaedic services within the trust, services that usually run at a loss but are made possible by the lucrative delivery of MSK services?

What happens if a procedure being undertaken by Bupa causes life-threatening complications, are these patients then treated by Bupa, I doubt it, they will be treated by Western Sussex Hospitals, usually at a huge cost.

This then raises the point about patient safety.

I personally would wish to be treated at a centre that can provide total care, ie Western Sussex Hospitals.

The above points clearly illustrate the lack of joined-up thinking by the Coastal West Sussex Commissioning Group and the decision needs to be reconsidered as a matter of urgency.

Knowing the commitment, professionalism and compassion that is demonstrated by the staff at Western Sussex Hospitals, this decision is clearly inappropriate.

As a taxpayer and a patient, please reconsider.

Hywel Evans