LETTER: Fracking fears

IT is extremely worrying for this area that the Queen’s Speech put the Royal Seal on bad news.

Government is bent on changing trespass law to allow fracking companies to drill under people’s property, without their knowledge or permission.

Not only will we suffer environmental destruction caused by fracking, impending legislative changes would open windows wide for other profiteers to ravage at will.

We cannot expect our servants, county and district councils, to act on our behalf to stop this appalling, iniquitously anti-democratic, destructive, supremely stupid intention.

Councils are being severely leant upon to distribute planning permission freely.

WSCC is now permitted to collect and spend 100 per cent of business rates collected from fracking schemes, double the previous 50 per cent.

Furthermore, shale exploration firms will also pay out £100,000 when a test well is fracked and one per cent of revenues, a deal which could in total be worth up to £10m.

It has come to my attention that the Observer is failing in its duty; to alert, and inform the public about this extreme threat to our environment.

Effects will include: road widening, huge increase in HGVs carrying toxic chemicals and polluted water, water shortages (five to ten Olympic-size pools of water are required for each ‘frack’), 24/7 noise and air pollution, drinking water made toxic, possible explosive methane gas leaks.

None of this is great for our tourist industry trading on our beautiful environment, is it?

Drop in house prices, damage to our geology.

They don’t know what’s down there! Or, if they do, they’re not telling us.

And neither is media. Not the Observer, nor the BBC. They’re not telling us.

Locally and nationally, this subversive silence shows a disgraceful lack of community service, as well as probable coersion by vested interests.

Why does ‘Our’ Observer only dwell on the parochial, ignoring the very crucial, when there is so much more at stake?

That’s our land and our children’s future. Please deal with it.

A Chadwick

Lye Lane


Editor’s Note: The Observer has covered local meetings and campaigns regarding fracking and will continue to represent the views of all our residents on this issue.