LETTER: Happy Winterval

CAN someone from the Rotary Club explain to me why their marvellous tree at the Cross in Chichester is now called a Tree of Goodwill.

Rotarians I have spoken to cannot give me an answer and indeed some of them are not happy about this change.

I would like to know why a Christmas tree cannot be called a Christmas tree at Christmas time?

I have no objection to goodwill, but do we have to be politically correct over Christmas trees just in case atheists or folk from other faiths get offended? What about Christians getting offended?

Do we not count in the great scheme of those who must be treated with care?

I for one am offended by a Tree of Goodwill at Christmas.

And if they start calling the Christmas lights something else, I shall cry quietly and despair of our land throwing away its Christian heritage so lightly.

Hurrah for the cathedral with its beautiful nativity scene.

Happy Winterval to one and all.

Mary Fairfield

Broyle Road