LETTER: Hospice made me feel so welcome

IN July, 2014, my partner was admitted to hospital, in pain with a bad back. From then on it was a catalogue of disasters.

He was told it was sciatica. All the time he was in awful pain. Week in, week out, he was messed about, shoved from ward to ward then he was put in a side ward and neglected.

They never got his pain under control.

He was drugged and confused, he would ring me in the middle of the night because he didn’t know where he was.

After three weeks of this, he was told he was terminally ill with cancer.

He was told he would go to the hospice. He was made to wait nearly two weeks because they did not have a bed for him.

When he got to the hospice, he was cared for, his pain was under control.

He finally had the care he should have had.

I would go to the hospice in the early hours and sit with him. The hospice made me so welcome. Nothing was too much trouble. Sadly, it came too late. He died three days later on 15 August.

Think very carefully people that could be you one day.

As for me, I am saving for a one-way ticket to Switzerland.

Lesley Cooper

Baxendale Road,