LETTER: Hospice site not right

I MUST respond to Pat Williams’ nasty and ill-informed letter in today’s Observer.

I have been a supporter of the hospice ever since I came to Bosham (and of a similar hospice where I previously lived); my late wife and I were very grateful to the hospice when she was accepted there eight years ago.

When she died, I made a sizeable donation which I understood would largely cover the costs incurred.

If I thought that the Bosham site was the right move for the hospice, I would support it wholeheartedly.

As for the site area which I proposed, I never suggested anywhere near Goodwood Airfield; there is plenty of land as yet not built on along the extension road on which Homebase is situated and when I have used this road to bypass the busy road junctions near Sainsbury’s, I have never seen or heard an aircraft of any kind.

Incidentally, there is lots of aircraft noise in Bosham, not only from aircraft leaving or approaching Goodwood Airfield, but also from light aircraft which love to circle over its area; service helicopters also do regular low-level patrols until midnight and commercial airliners (heading for Gatwick presumably) deploy their landing flaps over us with consequent changes to engine throttle settings and the roar of air passing through the slots in the slotted flap arrangement.

This is to say nothing about the armoured vehicles which regularly use the A259, only metres from the proposed site.

Southern Water have also confirmed that the present sewerage system cannot cope with the waste from this site and there is no other way of disposing safely with this waste, especially during and following heavy rain.

I could go on almost for ever, but I try to respect the editor’s plea for short letters.

K W Newby

Elm Park,