LETTER: Keep the railings

THE South East Quadrant walls walk gates and railings are scheduled for removal by contractors employed by Chichester District Council (CDC).

Notices were placed on both gates detailing the reasons. These were access and security. It stated that this decision had been agreed after consultation with Sussex Police. These notices have since been removed. On questioning a CDC employee, it became apparent that the given reasons were not valid, or even real.

Andy Howard, of CDC, has now presented a different set of reasons for the destruction of the gates and railings. These have been reached in collaboration with a number of individuals and groups. CDC itself which cites maintenance costs. The Chichester Society (well, one person) who do not think they are old enough (they are 20 years old, but nothing becomes old, unless you leave it alone) and the district archaeologist (paid by CDC).

These railings and gates form a physical and aesthetic barrier to the car park. They give the semi-wild area they enclose an almost grotto or sanctuary status. They have a patina which only serves to give them more charm. Particularly as the undergrowth grows up them.

They give wildlife a protected area, dense and thick wild plants along the railing bottoms are ideal for this.

There is something about entering this lovely area through a gate that gives it the perspective of a secret and personal space. A wonder for those who know of their existence and an entrance to a wonderful surprise

for those that chance upon them.the

CDC have plans to replace the railings removed during the war from Priory Park. That will be a good thing. But why is this acceptable for the prestigious central park of the city, and not our special more secret one?

Talking to many residents of the city during the recent election campaign, many expressed that they felt CDC arrogant and aloof. That they only serve their own interests, not those of the people or the city. They refer to the poor treatment of the Butter Market, and the threat to the city market.

CDC are charged with the guardianship of our assets. And they should seek public opinion over whether to destroy them.

Justin Jones of CDC is happy for you to contact

him over this issue. He

can be found at jujones@chichester.gov.uk

Please, tell him that these wonderful gates and railings must be kept intact. That they enrich a beautiful and wonderful part of our city.

Jasper Richmond

Pound Farm Road