LETTER: Lack of debate over fossil fuels

I READ yet again the number of readers’ letters railing against the use of fossil fuels and objections to the potential for furure generations of abundant gas by fracking.

Mr Chadwick’s letter points out that he benefits from living in a ‘beautiful rural area’, and doesn’t want his (our) environment blighted by the likes of those nasty profiteers exploring and producing a source of fuel that keeps us warm, cooks our food and makes the wheels of industry turn. It is clear that the letter-writers who want to eradicate fossil fuel useage and ‘go green’ have never worked in a manufacturing environment and witnessed the production of raw materials that we all enjoy every day.

The bricks of the houses they live in, the glass for the windows, the steel used for RSJs, the cement used for

the foundations and

the mortar etc, use vast amounts of energy to manufacture, and due to the high price of fuels in the UK going back 30 years, we have lost all our glass production facilities to the French (73 nuclear power plants = cheap electricity) and our steel-making facilities to India

and China (massive polluters but we don’t care because they are on the other side

of the world and their steel

is cheap).

The US economy rapidly expanded when shale gas became available ten years ago, and steelworks glassworks and cement factories that had been mothballed due to high energy prices have reopened, generating millions of jobs and making the US less reliant on sourcing from overseas.

The ‘I’m alright Jack, I love my view’ attitude is selfish and undemocratic and the lack of reasoned debate for/against fracking is yet to be heard over the emotional rantings of the nimby,

ill-informed luvvies.

Peter Arundale