LETTER: Let the fish and chips continue

HAVING found out that the fish and chip van that has served Hunston for years is being removed because of the noise and poor-quality food, I decided to visit the site that the van stops for two hours on a Friday outside the village hall at Hunston.

By the size of the queue and the happy faces of the customers, I can’t see where this ban comes from, but it seems the village hall committee had received anonymous complaints about the fish and chip van and even though no-one could name any of the complainants, they decided in their wisdom to give the owner of the van his marching orders.

I asked about a dozen customers what was the food like and all said it was first class and the van was spotless inside and out, as were the servers on the van.

As for the noise, well the traffic going past was very noisy and the tractors that frequent the road were deafening.

Do the village hall committee plan to close the Selsey Road because of the noise and pollution?

The majority of the people that use the chippy are the ones that don’t drive and the chance of a fish supper is a real treat for the older and non-driving folk, so could someone from the village hall committee tell us the real reason for this really very silly decision and why they acted on anonymous and unfounded complaints?

A petition in the local shop has had people falling over themselves to sign it to keep the van so let’s hope sense prevails, the chippy is allowed to stay and the good folk of Hunston can have their Friday fix of beautiful fish and chips.

Bill Phillips

Westlands Road