LETTER: Local needs must come first

AS A County Council member of JWAAC, I must agree with most of Tony Dixon’s comments, (Observer, June 17).

While it is useful and constructive for members of all councils and all parties to come together in civilised debate, it is also difficult to see what, if anything, is actually achieved.

I regard Tony as a good friend and am not remotely offended by his reference to councillors who ‘posture and sound important’, because we all know who they are. However, I entirely concur with his final paragraph which correctly asserts that, if we do attempt to do something useful, it will be ignored by those who continually put party politics ahead of local needs.

At the last JWAAC, both Hugh Coster and Jackie Pendleton inferred that we County members should get our figers out and DO SOMETHING. If only!

When we attempted to get some value for the £660,000 squandered on London Road, we were told a pack of nonsense by the Arun officers responsible. They then said that ‘improvements’ to Station Square would bring more visitors, but couldn’t say how many arrive by train, so how will they know?

Four UKIP and one Lib-Dem councillors had a meeting with the cabinet member for highways (who hailed from Birdham), and his deputy (now successor), who represents East Grinstead, but they weren’t interested in what we had to say on behalf of Bognor Regis residents.

They merely sided with their Tory pals at Arun, and Station Square is now being vandalised at public expense.

The County members for Arun are a handful of voices among 71 and we do make our voices heard, but you will have what the Tories think is good for you, whether you llke it or not!

Still, let’s get our priorities right. Comet Corner can wait until ‘enough’ people have been killed but £900,000 has magically been found for a cyclepath and our illustrious MP is to ‘marry’ his boyfriend. All good news, surely?

Tony Sutcliffe

WSCC member for Nyetimber (UKIP)

Alleyne Way,

Elmer Sands