LETTER: Local residents will suffer from major development

I READ with some pessimism the findings of the planning inspector regarding her support of the recent Chichester local plan.

She clearly assumes that for WHF the following proposals are deliverable and can be addressed through the developer’s masterplanning process.

:: mitigation of traffic impact,

:: sustainable cycle routes,

:: wastewater management

It is already clear that the WHF developers will not provide adequate safe cycle routes to the city centre as originally proposed. And, the masterplanning process so far has involved little public engagement on off-site transport issues. So, delivery of these is already uncertain.

The construction of as-yet unknown Highways Agency major bypass improvement by 2019 also remains uncertain. If postponed, it is essential that the four bypass junction improvements in the local plan are delivered to mitigate the traffic impact of future development.

If approved, the current WHF Phase 1 application for 750 houses may be started as soon as 2016, not 2019 as previously proposed. There is a great risk that there will be significant housing built by 2019 without any meaningful transport infrastructure.

CDC should insist that for Phase 1 the WHF developers deliver;

:: the A27 bypass/Cathedral Way junction improvement,

:: local junction improvements, * meaningful traffic calming improvements to Sherborne Road and Westgate,

:: a safe cycle route along Westgate into West Street

:: a second southern access to Westgate to reduce the additional traffic impact on Parklands.

Sadly, I fear that this will not happen and local residents will suffer consequential on-going adverse traffic impact and dangers from this major development for many years.

Paul Wreyford

Hawthorn Close,