LETTER: Losing its appeal?

I HAVE lived in Bracklesham since 1986 and before that enjoyed holidays here since the 1950s.

The point I would like to make is, during that time the A286 hasn’t changed although the volume of traffic has.

There was an interesting magazine article in November saying what a lovely ‘holiday village’ East Wittering is to visit.

Unfortunately, I feel it is losing it’s appeal and we will eventually lose the much-needed tourism which is a major means of income for our local shops.

During the summer and sometimes out of season too, it is difficult to find a parking space at East Wittering and parking in Bracklesham is virtually non-existent due to yellow lines everywhere.

So now more houses have been proposed to be built on the Manhood Peninsula, not only in the Witterings but Birdham and Selsey, too.

Even the new houses being built in Donnington affect the traffic congestion as all traffic ends up on our only road in and out, the A286. We do not have many job opportunities locally so most people will have to travel to Chichester and beyond. I just wish, whoever is really responsible for agreeing to the future developments would take a step back and really look at the area and consider the infrastructure.

Susan Draper

Grayswood Avenue