LETTER: Lost key solution

WELL done to J Matthews in last week’s letter pages for taking the time to write in and hopefully re-unite a set of lost keys with their owner.

I was contacted by a tenant recently who had lost her keys while in town.

After I let her into her own home, changed the lock (just in case) and presented her with a fresh set of keys, I got thinking.

What if I hadn’t been able to go round straight away with a spare set of keys?

She could’ve had a frustrating wait for a costly locksmith while sat on her own doorstep.

And what if she had also lost her car keys?

Modern key fobs can be incredibly expensive to replace.

I don’t suppose the traffic warden would’ve offered much sympathy either!

I think I’ve come up with a solution that I would like to share with you: a simple key ring I now give to all our tenants with the phrase: ‘If found please contact 01243 624 599’.

Now if a tenant drops their keys, there’s a fair chance a Good Samaritan (like J Matthews) will get in touch and we can return the keys to their rightful owner.

It’s great to think by offering such a simple service we could have the answer to a relatively frequent, expensive and stressful situation.

In fact, I think it’s such a useful service that I would like to extend the offer to all Observer readers: if you would like one of our key rings sent to you, free of charge, please get in touch via our website.

Clive Janes

CRJ Lettings