LETTER: Love our friends

PATRIOTIC nationalists have their greatest hero to blame for the influx of Eastern Europeans to the UK.

Before the second world war, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Romania were all quite prosperous, civilised countries, rich in art and literature, industrious and productive, but for political expediency were given to the Soviets by Winston Churchill, condemning them to 80 years of oppression, misery and poverty.

We rejoiced when the Berlin wall came down, and we should continue to rejoice and do everything we can to make our neighbours from Central and Eastern Europe welcome.

When conditions in their home countries catch up once more with our own, which they will, many will return, and indeed many are already doing so.

The three greatest words ever uttered on Earth, which have the power to solve every political and societal problem are ‘Love thy neighbour’.

I hear nothing said against the Germans from the former East Germany having freedom of movement throughout Europe. If we can love our enemies, how hard can it be to love our friends?

Stephen Saunders