LETTER: Manhood has no police cover

Here we go again, the moving of an unmanned office which allows for major incidents to be controlled due to its size and location to an unmanned back office in the council complex.

Perhaps someone can keep an eye on how many times it is used during the next 12 months.

Are we supposed to be country yocals on the Manhood when the commissioner tells us how lucky we are with the police cover we have and how we will be pleased with the new hub.

The Manhood has no cover or policing.

Perhaps someone would like to ask under the freedom of information act how many arrests were made on the Manhood monthly over say the last six months.

How many drink drivers etc. I used to collate these figures monthly for the management meetings.

When is the last time someone on the Manhood appeared on the Observer’s court round-up.

Perhaps I have it all wrong and the years we policed this area we used up all the criminal element. I don’t think so.

Comments about various issues are frightening, someone will be killed by drunks and speeding vehicles. Perhaps the Commissioner would like to come here and witness what is going on.

Go and ask the taxi companies how many collections they make from pubs today, the police how many breath tests or speed checks.

Never mind we have the cardboard cut out speed signs, that will solve all the problems.

I hope I am wrong but I have a feeling that until certain groups of people wake up and shout about what we get for our money lives are at risk.