LETTER: Morrisons anger

THE anger in Aldwick at the prospect of losing the Ship Inn because of Morrisons’ arrogance in bulldozing forward with their mini-supermarket is overwhelming.

The Friends of the Ship Inn have been on the streets this week collecting signatures for a Big Petition to be presented to Arun councillors before their meeting on December 17 to consider Morrisons’ two planning applications.

We want Morrisons out and our pub back.

The petition was prompted by one of their executives sneering at the Friends’ campaign despite a total of 847 people who took the trouble to write to Arun objecting to both Morrisons’ planning applications.

So we hit the streets on November 22 and started collecting signatures.

Besides losing a pub with 200 years of history, a major concern of those who signed was road safety. No-one can understand how anybody could be so irresponsible as to open a mini-supermarket on a site which has no safe crossing for pedestrians across Aldwick Street, no safe footpath, and will generate massive extra traffic that will increase danger as well as congestion.

In October, Arun demanded a road safety audit and Morrisons has now come up with proposals which fail to solve any of the dangers.

They include an ‘uncontrolled crossing’ with limited visibility to approaching vehicles, and a car park entrance-exit moved eastwards toward a blind bend.

Morrisons must be stopped or Aldwick will lose a community asset impossible to recover. So sign our petition and Save the Ship.

David Gerrie

Friends of the Ship Inn

Petition Organiser