LETTER: MP’s attitude a concern

ON Wednesday, June 17, I was one of a group of people who went up to Westminster to lobby our MP Andrew Tyrie on the issue of climate change.

Although I had sent him a request to meet me, he was unable to come. This was disappointing. Groups from the whole country had assembled along the Thames and most of them seemed to be talking with their MPs.

Like many people I find this government’s attitude to energy and climate change very disturbing. The overwhelming majority of scientists are agreed that our overuse of fossil fuels is the main cause of climate change. They agree that we are seeing the effects of this now, and that these consequences will be with us for a long time.

The recent BBC series, Springwatch, showed how the seasons are changing and how this is affecting our wildlife. Residents along our coasts can see how the winter storms are more intense and threatening their homes.

It is too late to stop such changes, but it is perverse to continue with policies that will only increase the harm and affect more and more people for generations to come.

Andrew Tyrie understands financial priorities, he is still chair of the treasury committee. Climate change is already proving a very expensive business. I believe the new sea defences at Bracklesham Bay cost £28m. How many more flood defences will we have to build in the coming years?

Energy is very important to our jobs, our businesses and our economy, but we need to use sustainable alternatives to the fossil fuels that will cost us more in the long term. One way or another, we are going to be using renewable energy in the end.

Shouldn’t we be investing in these technologies and benefitting from the jobs and profits that they can provide?

Ann Stewart

Stansted Park

Rowland’s Castle