LETTER: Must have all-options review

I am thrilled that Chichester District Council has decided to support a new consultation on the proposed ‘improvements’ to the A27.

We MUST have a full review of ALL the A27 options including northern routes.

The options already exist so it would not mean starting from scratch and taking a long time and a short delay is worthwhile to restore public confidence in the process and give us a chance of getting the best route.

In my opinion, the Northern Route is the only option that will properly split and improve traffic flow and reduce pollution.

Also the scope and duration of the proposed works to the Southern route would cause huge disruption to everyday road users for a number of years for what would be a small gain of just a few minutes on average journey times.

The Government and Highways England need to restore public confidence in the process as it has so far been far from transparent with the Northern Route being disregarded and Highways England refusing to publish the results.

Hayley Spencer

Wiston Avenue