LETTER: Must look at the promises made

The Observer’s Brexit editorial underestimates the scale of the challenges facing the country and of May misjudgments.

David Cameron’s declaration that exit from the EU meant withdrawal from the Common Market was a warning, not a statement of intent. Leave dismissed ‘Project Fear’ and Cameron lost.

We must instead look to the promises made by the victorious Leave campaign; promises that contradicted each other depending on who was being addressed, but many of which reassured us that we could look to the example of Norway or Switzerland for our future. £350m a week for the NHS is a far cry from a tax haven.

It matters not one jot whether you voted Remain or Leave, but it matters that May offers no reassurances to our EU friends, colleagues and family members who have made lives for themselves in West Sussex. It matters that while May offers special support to politically connected industries, our young entrepreneurs face not just tariffs but regulatory barriers to the largest market on the planet. It matters that while May promises us we’ll do a deal with the protectionist misogynist Trump our health and social care system is in crisis and the dismantling and privatisation of the NHS will be high on the agenda of any trade deal with the USA with its vast private health lobby.

Liberal Democrats will do the patriotic thing: fighting for our public services, for our internationalist tradition and for our participation in the largest and deepest single market in existence.

Cllr Jonathan Brown

Parliamentary Spokesperson & Chair, Chichester Liberal Democrats

Richard Cobden House

Lion Street