LETTER: Name that bridge

A QUESTION for the mayor of Chichester and Highways England: how is it good use of taxpayers’ money and anyone’s time to gather on the A27... and name a footbridge?

Who in this sometimes crazy world names a footbridge?

Perhaps name this one after the several people killed on the road in their memory, celebrate that more people shouldn’t now be killed - and then head down the Hunston Road to spend time with some of the nearby hostel residents (thankfully still alive) and understand how economics and politics forces them ‘on the road’.

Talk to them about how they feel having a bridge to get across this manic stretch of south coast road. Learn something.

But to name a footbridge something as woolly as ‘Whyke Horizon’, I don’t get it. Meaningless.

I don’t give the names of Bognor Bridge and Stockbridge roundabouts a second’s thought. Ditto ‘Whyke Horizon’.

Bet it might be called the Hunston/Whyke/Convent or Free school bridge occasionally, if you’re lucky – but it doesn’t need a naming ceremony.

And for Highways England to bother spending time describing the bridge as a ‘cinematic experience’ with ‘human-scaled skeletal interior’ et al.

In the name of the living universal being, what is this brown stuff this tax-funded organisation is wasting time writing?

Look at the bridge more closely... it is a kind of lime green; no-one will ever think of it as a great footbridge (though we may remember the great amount of time costing millions of pounds it took to build).

‘Fairy Footbridge’ might have been nice, or more accurately and appropriate ‘Fairly eFFective Footbridge – with cycle space’.

As far as the mayor, Peter Budge, is concerned, there must be more priorities across Chichester to dedicate his costly time. Ditto Highways England.

:: Lobbying the MP to improve the A27 sooner rather than goodness knows when

:: Developing better plans to develop Chichester’s place on the tourist map (a Roman city with baths and ancient walls

:: Consider re-building the gates to the city

:: Making the library commercially viable by offering coffee facilities

:: Improving the shoddy condition of the city centre’s pedestrianised paving

:: Spending time with the hospice community to understand the importance of a move to Bosham

:: Housing refugees fleeing the middle east...

The list is endless – it doesn’t have naming footbridges on it. It was a priority to build it, not to name it. Priorities, Chichester people (and Highways England!), please... consider what are the best priorities to spend our time on in these days.

Mark Chapman.

(address supplied)