LETTER: No evidence at all that cyclists endanger pedestrians

ONCE again another sad letter about cyclists on pavements and saying it’s not safe in Chichester for pedestrians.

This is not based on any fact or statistic.

I have lived in Chichester for over 43 years, worked in the city for those years of which I was an insurance agent (pounding the streets) then financial adviser, then a school minibus driver for St Anthony’s and Fordwater.

I have never had a problem with a cyclist, only motorists.

As a school bus driver driving in peak-hour traffic in the school term, seeing how shocking some of our drivers are, and they are driving a killing machine, as over 500 pedestrians were killed last year, 46 while on the pavement (2,300 seriously injured).

For cyclists to kill this many pedestrians, it would take over 184 years on current statistics.

If there is a huge number of cyclists on pavements, and it is unsafe, why doesn’t the Observer report all the casualties, seems like I need to go to an optician as I very rarely see a cyclist on a pavement, and when I do, they are usually elderly, sometimes even older than me.

We have had a long history of cyclists and pedestrians sharing the same space in Chichester, must be close to 20 years now, I have never heard of a problem.

There are bad apples in all of our society, cyclists, drivers, pedestrians, but the majority of people are good, and that includes our youngsters.

We are very lucky to live 
in a pretty safe city, accidents are few.

It’s not always easy cycling around the city. The local councillors are trying to make it better, but they are restricted by the traffic flow must be maintained brigade – this at all costs, of course.

It’s not very pleasant when cars come towards you at 30mph while cycling in a narrow road, with cars parked on one side and we have nowhere to go, drivers just have no idea how intimidating they are, it’s mainly ignorance, hence I support 20mph in all city streets.

Another problem is people do not know where cyclists can cycle, I have had three incidences of people telling me not to cycle, where I am entitled to cycle, one incident was on a road that had cars on it, but no access on to South Street.

John Bennett

Oliver Whitby Road