LETTER: No more housing in village

I WRITE in relation to yet a further application for planning by Southcott Homes, despite the application being dismissed and a subsequent appeal being also dismissed on the grounds it would have a detrimental effect on the character and appearance of the village of Westbourne and its setting.

Her majesty’s inspector of state having dismissed the appeal, recognised that the parishioners were very united in their vision and beliefs of the importance of retaining green pastures that reach into Westbourne and the preservation of the charm and beauty of this ancient village.

The proposal for this latest planning application does not change anything that was rightly given as a valid reason for the latest appeal dismissal given after careful and thorough investigation by the inspectorate.

The latest application which clearly ignores the right and valid reasons for the last dismissal of appeal, if given approval, will destroy the rural charm and be out of character for this area, changing it into an urban site with the loss of the nature, charm and beauty of this area for ever.

The hedgerow surrounding this field is 400 years old. We cannot just destroy the natural beauty and heritage for pure financial gain always.

There are many more considerations and reasons why this planning application should not be approved and these have been raised and documented previously.

This application has been rejected and appealed against previously and the original application and appeal were dismissed for the right and proper reasons.

These reasons have not changed and are not likely to.

The views of the residents of this village and their utmost efforts to appreciate and preserve the natural beauty and charm of the area must be taken into account.

This charming village cannot accommodate any more housing.

It is full and we can only hope that the Chichester planning department and the councillors will listen to the people and also accept the decision of the inspectorate as valid, official and final.

Sandra Ellis

Ellesmere Orchard

Resident of Westbourne for 67 years