LETTER: No sane reason to lose café

I am appalled at the council’s attitude.

Dawn and Rob have created something really special in the café, it is loved by everyone, and there is absolutely no sane or logical reason for the council not to extend the lease...

Surely the council can carry out remedial works on the other buildings without removing Fenwicks Café – a lot of blood sweat and tears has gone into developing the building and extending it.

Fenwicks is a valuable resource in a local park and a great meeting spot for many people who enjoy the facilities the park offers.

I think the council should listen to what the residents want for a change; it might improve their reputation as being a council who actually care!

Can the Observer run a poll?

Is there anything we can do to put a stop to this utterly stupid plan?

Taxpayers’ money is being used, after all, and the taxpayers are the ones who want it to stay.

Councils are run for the people, not the other way round – working with the community should be their priority above all.

I really hope that this can be stopped; we are supposed to be supporting small businesses in Chichester, and this is a classic example of a lovely independent which is in danger of being pushed aside in the name of ... well, what exactly?

R.Feild, Oving Road, Chichester