LETTER: Parking dangers

I DO not drive and I never have. I have always walked, now I am a senior citizen and cannot walk the distances I once did, buses are my lifeline.

Most of the cars that park in Spitalfield Lane, Swanfield Drive and Bradshaw Road are people who work at the hospital.

Surely the council should find out, who lives in a particular road and who are the people who work Monday to Friday for the hospital who either do not want to pay car park fees or cannot afford to pay.

I think it is very dangerous the cars that park on corners of the street.

We and the bus company need that space at the bus stop.

It is very bad that the bus has to stop in the middle of the road, thus blocking the road to oncoming traffic.

Also, it is a long way down from the floor of the bus to the road for people with shopping trolleys, walking frames or sticks.

We, I am sure speak for others, we just want our bus stops back, so we can step out of the bus without fear of falling over or tripping up.

During the week, there is lots of space in the car park at Swanfield Park. I know for certain that very few people who live there do not own a car.

P Hobday

Bradshaw Road