LETTER: Paying the price

“BELIEVE nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense”... The words of Buddha have been respected and have remained relevant for the last 2,500 years.

In stark contrast the words of councillor Bower the Arun member for planning and infrastructure and councillor Brown the leader of the council may no longer be respected and are most certainly not relevant in the districts attempts for a Local Plan for Arun residents.

There is no common sense in councillor Bower and councillor Brown remaining in their respective posts, as our district council enters a second decade in its attempt to deliver its local plan.

An appeal to the Arun District Councillors elected to represent us residents... If you carry on under the leadership of Cllr Brown and the direction of Cllr Bower, their failings will be yours and Arun residents will pay the price long after you and your colleagues have left the council.

Nine years in the making, an estimated £2.7 million pounds in our council tax spent to date only for a government inspector to send the plan back to the drawing board under an 18 month suspension, AKA, withdrawal.

Are we expected to believe councillors Bower and Brown as they hide their failings behind the inspector’s call for higher housing numbers and blame local plan delays on right minded opposition?

However plausible their excuses may be, given the failings of the local plan process this must be the end of their involvement and time for fresh and open minded thinking.

The inspector has requested that Arun District Council demonstrates that it approaches this 18 month suspension in an open minded way in reviewing housing locations and that it is not reliant on the existing out of date sustainability appraisal.

As district councillors can you honestly believe that councillor Brown and Bower will allow you to follow the inspector’s guidance? NO is the answer and the only way you can is under new leadership and a replacement for the member for planning and infrastructure!

As the old saying goes “hope is not a strategy” so please district councillors support the numerous calls for the resignation of councillors Brown and Bower, for the sake of our district and your electors, abandon hope and elect for new leadership of Arun and the local plan process.

Laurie Ward

St Richards Road