LETTER: Pen is mightier than traffic warden’s sword

WELL done the Observer for getting the insane parking ticket cancelled for Paula Parker. It’s about time these parking wardens used a bit of common sense when issuing parking tickets.

I too received a fine for parking in Selsey, because I had forgotten to display my disabled badge, yet when I confronted the warden, they admitted they could see it on my car seat. I paid the fine, OK I was in the wrong, but to admit to me they could see the badge on my passenger seat, beggars belief.

Some of these fines are wrong, but with the fine being doubled if you lose an appeal, are disgusting.

I wonder how many people do the same as me, and just pay.

May I also bring to the attention of drivers the latest wheeze, when you look up parking regulation on the relevant website, it clearly states that parking wardens will be wearing the official wardens’ outfit, yet the one that issued a ticket to me was wearing a multi coloured camouflage jumper (the same worn by our soldiers to conceal them when in combat), with a tiny badge and to be able to read it would invade their private space.

Nothing else identified them as a traffic warden. Has the outfit changed? Bit like the speed cameras hidden behind trees.

The pen is mightier than the sword and in this case the parking wardens know it.

Mr R. M. Skilton

The Meadows,