LETTER: Pier memories

I WAS very interested to read your article on Bognor Pier as it brought back memories of 60 years ago when I was a cashier in a local bank in Bognor Regis.

One morning a pretty young girl came into the bank carrying a wooden clothes horse over his shoulder.

We got talking and she said she was a member of the repertory company on Bognor Pier and was collecting props for the next production.

The following week I went and saw the play and thought the actress was very good (she played a schoolgirl) and would go far.

A few years ago she was appearing at the Theatre Royal in Brighton and I thought I would write to her with my memories.

A week or so later I received a delightful letter from her in which she said: “I loved my months at Bognor Regis (my first job). It was a wonderful exciting experience. My digs cost £2 a week (bed, breakfast and evening meal). These days £2 hardly buys a cup of coffee.”

Who was she? Susan Hampshire.

Alan Young