LETTER: Place in history

RECENT press reports suggest that a site in North Street, Petworth, has been approved for development.

The area appears to be the bombed school site, the fact that 30 people were killed there is apparently of no consequence.

The site is part of the history of Petworth and will ever remain so.

To build on what is virtually a cemetery would be a sacrilege, rather the ground should be consecrated or some order placed that would prevent this desecration.

Some effort has been made over the years to find a use for the site but there was always a feeling that it should not be disturbed.

The landowners were not too co-operative and the best that could be agreed was the erection of a small memorial stone, blessed by the bishop of Horsham.

No doubt bulldozers would take care of that.

As a steward of the Cottage Museum, I find many visitors are aware of the story and ask questions, no doubt they would be shocked by these proposals.

As a pupil at the school at the time of the bombing I am perhaps a little biased but there are still families around and many local residents remember the event.

I doubt the town council are interested being too busy with their squabbles but history does have a part to play in a town such as Petworth and this should not be forgotten.

D Simpson

Grove Lane