LETTER: Planning approval is a farce

READING reports in the Observer of planning approval for 50 homes in West Wittering, despite a previous development proceeding before required sewage work was carried out, I thought I was reading the plot for a farce such as Only Fools and Horses.

Furthermore, to make it even more farcical, a ward member wanted an assurance that the development would not take place before work

on the pumping station in Church Lane was complete.

The developer would not give that assurance.

The jewel in the crown was that council officers could not tell the members the route of the sewage coming from the new site.

The plan was approved!

I think it is about time the planners get real, accept that climate change is a reality, understand that building on flood planes will cause flooding in the future

and most of all be accountable for the decisions they make.

In the same edition of the Observer we read that Cllr Josef Ransley is blaming the government for dumping flood relief work on the district council.

I would like Cllr Ransley to reflect on who gave the planning permission for the developments which flood.

I think I know – it is all part of a farce called planning!

D Blythe


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