LETTER: Progress made on pothole situation

AS A regular traveller along the A27 I have become extremely frustrated at abortive attempts to persuade the Highway Agency to take remedial measures to alleviate the potentially hazardous conditions caused by the rash of potholes appearing in the carriageway of the A27.

This is especially evident in the section of the A27 travelling out of Chichester towards Havant.

I have therefore thought it appropriate to enlist the support of our MP Andrew Tyrie.

It is interesting to see from the response that he has received from the Highways Agency that albeit that they do not consider the defects to be ‘safety critical’, that they are now ‘considering a temporary repair to the sections that are most affected’.

At least this would appear to be some progress towards alleviating this hazardous situation.

Eric W Wood

St Bartholomew’s Close,