LETTER: Promised to youth

THE possibility that the current outdoor skatepark site on the Esplanade might be taken for a cafe forgets that this site was promised to young people when Arun took the old Princess Elizabeth boating pool and play area for car parking.

Cllr Wells provides no evidence for his assertion that it is not much used, and I am glad to see Cllr Andrew Evans, who is ward councillor for Marine, in which the site is located, stated his opposition to the idea.

Cllr Brown may like to check the history, the skatepark use supercedes the cafe idea.

What I am clear about is that young people have not been asked at all, and that is an obligation on the council. It is no get-out to claim there will be a search for another site. One can say that with equal if not even more point about a cafe.

How many cafes within walking distance of that site, how many skate areas or outdoor facilities for this age-group?

I was involved in the boating pool campaign which we lost – but we did secure that promise, from Arun.

Users of the skatepark and others already dispute that it is not used.

Let Arun get the Regis Centre cafe provision sorted before seeking to do something which many will oppose. Young people have seen three youth clubs taken from them in recent years in this area, this is no time to be seeking to whip something else away.

Jan Cosgrove


Number 18 Project

18 Waterloo Square