LETTER: Protect our land from development

YES, it’s 6am, time for me to write a letter on behalf of the people of Parklands, begging Chichester council to say a big ‘no’ to those building firms who want to destroy our lovely land with over 1,000 houses.

The beauty beyond the bridge is outstanding, the fields, the wheat, corn or barley really golden and blowing in the breeze, a sight we have enjoyed for years.

I have lived at Newlands Lane for 59 years, so many hours spent walking to Fishbourne or just across the fields.

My son Paul and his mates would go up there to play every weekend.

Paul went to St Anthony’s School. They were asked to draw a ticket of their favourite past-time. Paul did a picture which he called My War in the Woods. Sir High Cassons judged the pictures and Paul’s was highly recommended.

Do not destroy this fun and beauty, let future generations enjoy all the hours of fun our children had.

There are many springs on the land, bad for flooding; sewage would be very bad for Fishbourne and Parklands.

The smells would be terrible. The local sewage works have so much trouble coping now.

The fields are home to deer, fox, birds, frogs, tadpoles, fieldmice, owls and beautiful butterflies. Man must not be responsible for destroying all this wildlife.

How would these councillors like these homes destroyed?

Please do not give the

go-ahead for this to happen. Live and let live, not murder the countryside.

Stop these houses being built. Everyone must write a letter to stop this happening.

A letter takes a little time but these houses, if built, will be there a lifetime.

They will not help our housing situation because only people from London will be able to afford them. A new council estate would help us, but not at beautiful Whitehouse Farm. People could live in council houses till they could afford to buy. This is what my family did.

We now have our own house, but it takes time.

No houses for Whitehouse Farm, we the locals know best.

Audrey Voller

Newlands Lane