LETTER: Proud of our band

USED as we are (living in central Chichester), to the oft-time cacophonous wailings of the Saturday ‘busking’ scene, my ear was pleasurably surprised to catch the mellow tones of a brass band.

I stood by the Market Cross, along with a throng of well over 100 other Saturday shoppers, all equally drawn to the pure, uncomplicated sounds of a traditional and very English form of music-making.

A large noticeboard clearly tells the reader we are listening to the Chichester City Band and that it has been around for 117 years.

Sadly though, the band lacks a ‘home’ in its adopted city to hold twice-weekly practice sessions.

Currently, the members have to convene in Bognor!

Surely, the city council has the means to furnish a suitable space for ‘our’ band to practice in?

This dedicated group of 23 or so men and women ought to be a huge asset to the city and should be enthusiastically encouraged by our ‘City Fathers’.

So, come on Mr Mayor and the city council, get your ‘thinking caps’ on and find a permanent home for this valuable resource; make the name Chichester City Brass Band truly what it suggests!

John A Wichers

St Martin’s Square