LETTER: Recycled tops

The current issue of West Sussex Connections newsletter publicises a welcome extension of what can be recycled via the household collections, but repeats the message that small plastic bottle tops can not be accepted by the council as they cannot be processed by their machinery.

However there continues to be a local opportunity to recycle milk bottle tops at a dedicated local site. It is good that many of your readers bring these bottle tops to the bins located outside St Paul’s Parish Centre, Chichester.

That good quality reusable plastic is sold to the Hampshire based firm GHS Recycling. This year, once again, those sales should provide about £200 for our Sussex Children’s hospice- Chestnut Tree House and save about three tonnes of waste reducing the council’s land fill tax by nearly £250.

Please could those bringing small household collections of their milk bottle tops to St Paul’s just pop their offerings loose into the sack-lined smaller bins.

This will save wasting lots of plastic carrier bags; most of which are now costing shoppers 5p each. Not leaving these tops in individual bags will also help the GHS recycling staff in usefully filling a gap, from this and other community projects, in our local recycling efforts.

Martin Cooke