LETTER: Rejection of Christian values

On January 21, a group of people met to show solidarity with those who will be harmed by the policies of Trump.

This was under the initiative ‘Bridges not walls’, with the aim of reaching out to ‘embrace thy neighbour’ (surely that most Christian of concepts?).

It might be expected, in this cathedral city, to have support from all denominations.

But, strangely, no.

A Fr Paul Turner (Catholic church) is now on record as stating we ‘do not speak for him’.

How utterly preposterous! Why the rejection of such core ‘Christian values?’

Because it’s something much more ‘vital’ that has this man’s vote; the withdrawal of funding, by Trump, to an organisation (Planned Parenthood) that provides abortion services to women/girls who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy, perhaps as a result of rape or sexual violence.

With the inauguration of Trump and the rush toward Brexit, all we thought we had achieved under the umbrella of progress and solidarity is threatened.

With education and contraception it has long been recognised that, globally, women may have opportunities to reach their full potential and contribute immeasurably to the good of all, whether they choose to have children or not.

Why this headlong rush to darkness and ignorance from those who ‘preach’ the opposite in their cassocks and crosses?

Polly Dee

‘Bridges Not Walls’ (in a personal capacity)