LETTER: Remove the green light

On two occasions whilst leaving Chichester towards the Witterings I have experienced vehicles on the dual cariageway travelling from the Bognor side failing to give way to traffic already on the roundabout.

On the second occasion it was a large truck which did not see our car.

The positioning of the traffic lights appears to be at fault, distracting the drivers from the road ahead.

I am told that on the Continent, when there is a diffcult situation, a flashing orange light is used indicating ‘proceed with caution’, also in the Chichester Observer (February 8).

It is my belief that the traffic lights should be sited well before the roundabout and that for a two lane carriageway there should be a traffic light for each lane.

It is unfortunate that a spokesperson for Highways England should claim there is not much more that they could do.

Of course, the traffic lights are ‘safe’ but it is the people in the vehicles who need to act safely.

It is of particular interest that the 2015 edition of the Highway Code: Rule 185 states: “When reaching the roundabout you should – give priority to traffic approaching from your right, unless directed otherwise by signs, road markings or traffic lights.”

This explains why expert truck drivers who have read their Highway Code do not give way to traffic on the roundabout.

A sign saying ‘Give Way on Roundabout’ has recently been installed but it is not easily seen by drivers.

Due to rule 185 in the Highway Code, it appears that the only satisfactory solution is for there to be traffic lights at every approach to the roundabout and at the pedestrian crossing.

A simple improvement might be the removal of the green light as suggested by a writer in the Chichester Observer (February 1).