LETTER: Road delays are not surprising

IT WAS interesting to read in the Bognor Regis Observer (Thursday, August 8) regarding the delay to the B.R.R. until March 2016 when this date was given in the Felpham Focus in July.

Again we have the excuse of bad weather from the contractor who uses this as under contract law this does not involve any liquidated damages being levied against him.

The most surprising thing is that this delay, although it has been known for some time, has suddenly become apparent to those persons who should have been aware of the situation some time ago.

The chief engineer says the works are progressing “correctly” does this mean that an element of time has been added to the programme of works for inclement weather during the winter period to come or will the completion of the road be extended once again due to inclement weather and the chief engineer will once again come forward and say the works are progressing correctly.

May I suggest that the chief engineer along with those from West Sussex County Council involved in the road should come and view the traffic coming through Felpham on any week day and see why it is very important to finish this road as soon as possible.

When this road is finally finished could I suggest that it is named Miracle Drive as it will be if it is ever finished.


Wick Lane