LETTER: Road of perils

WE have the pleasure of living beside and having to drive along the B2145.

Due to all the building works which have taken place in Selsey over the years, this road is becoming increasingly dangerous to drive on and even more perilous to cross in certain places.

For example, we live at Dyers Corner, Lockgate Road, where there are bus stops on both sides of the road. Crossing from east to west is dangerous because there is a sharp bend to the south and a curve to the north. One has to have acute hearing, good vision and sure footing. We have a neighbour in her 80s who is very fit but walks with a stick and has impaired vision. She now takes the 51 bus all the way to Selsey and back up to Chichester because she dare not cross the road.

Should this be considered a reasonable way of solving the problem? Should pressure be put on those gaining great profits by building in Selsey and contributing to the danger on the road to put the money forward to supply some crossings on the 4.5 miles of B2145 between Sidlesham Common and Church Road Selsey?

Crossings with lights do not need central reservations which is the argument used against zebra crossings. The beep of lighted crossings could be very irritating to residents living close to them but there is ‘the Secret Button’ as an alternative which is a spinning cone on the controls of the traffic light which enables those with impaired vision and/or hearing to know when the traffic is supposed to have stopped.

There is also the possibility of installing roundabouts at certain junctions. There was yet another accident at the junction of the B2145 and the B2201 at Sidlesham Common a couple of weeks ago which resulted in a car upside down in the middle of the road.

Surprisingly there were no fatalities, but it did cause long delays for drivers on this road due to the awkward diversion which had to be used involving another difficult junction.

I should think (but do not know) that there would be room for a roundabout here which would hopefully make this junction safer and slow down the traffic.

If no changes are made, it is reasonable to presume there will be an increase in RTAs and further traffic congestion.

I have been told that the B2145 through Sidlesham will become a 30 mph by the end of this month, but from experience we know that not everyone will comply.

Wendy Devonshire

Street End Road

Sidlesham Common