LETTER: Road safety fears

FOLLOWING the HGV crash on Lake Lane, WSCC stated: “There are no plans to investigate the possibility of HGV restrictions.”

Perhaps WSCC should check the County Hall archives?

In 2007, WSCC T Townsend (cc ADC S Leeson) worried about just 680 HGVs a year along Lake Lane, fearing an unsafe road.

He regulated the HGVs and refused planning permission on highway safety grounds.

In 2011, HGV movements increased to 24,000 per year, strangely, WSCC/ADC had no safety issues with the lane and in 2014 HGVs remain unregulated and incidents have not been risk assessed.

An increase in HGV incidents has resulted, caused by excessive unregulated HGVs on a single-lane carriageway.

People are getting gridlocked by HGVs on the railway/Yapton junction (potential for major railway crash).

A Westergate bus was driven off the road near the HGV crash on October 16.

Residents at Bowley Cottage were nearly killed by an HGV reversing without warning across their drive.

HGVs regularly reverse backwards into oncoming traffic/over-riding verges.

This burying of bad news and refusal to undertake risk assessments,TAs and safety appraisals compromises villagers’ safety.

Highways should regulate the lane as T Townsend did in 2007.

Lake Lane is unsafe, and the junction deadly.

WSCC state they cannot regulate the lane; they did it in 2007, the reasons for not regulating the lane seem to be an unwillingness to admit dangerous past mistakes, something which may result in a fatality.

Jan Halstead

Lake Lane