LETTER: Samara’s thanks

MANY thanks from Aldwick Baptist Church to all who contributed items for Samara’s Aid Winter Clothes Collection for refugees still in the Middle East.

Thanks in particular to those who helped with transport. We were able to send about 140 banana boxes of goods plus several bags of other things including duvets and sleeping bags, as well as a walker, a pair of crutches and a folding cot.

Please note that our collection is now closed. There may well be another in the spring but if anyone is interested in organising a future collection themselves, in spring or autumn, do look at the Samara’s Aid website.

Perhaps also contact B. Farrinton via Aldwick Baptist Church, 43 Gossamer Lane, Aldwick, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO21 3DD, tel 01243 268020, to liaise regarding, for instance, transport. For now, just a great, big ‘thanks’!

Samara says, “With the help of four generous donors, we have bought and are sending an ambulance to Syria. the need for frontline medical provision is immense as civilians face continuous shelling and bombing.

“My partner is asking for as much medical equipment, medical supplies and as many ambulances as we can send and I am very keen to raise as much money as possible to buy some of these things to send as it is challenging getting hold of most things in Syria.”

She also says, “So far in the last couple of weeks we have sent a lorry to Iraq which unloaded today in Dohuk and a container to Syria.

“This week we are sending the ambulance to Syria, two more containers to Syria and two more lorries to Iraq.

“But that isn’t all! I anticipate that we will also need to send a couple more in the next week or two.

“I need to find around £15,000 in the next week to cover it all and get everything sent as the nights are getting colder

there too.”

If anyone is moved to contribute to these needs please access Samara’s website www.samarasaidappeal.org Alternatively contact Samara on 07960 937716.

B. Farrington

Little Babbsham

Bognor Regis