LETTER: ‘Selfish’ plan against the code

THOSE righteously indignant motorists tempted to take the advice of your correspondent Mr Strudwick, and block the progress of vehicles taking advantage of a clear outside lane on the approach to coned-off sections of dual carriageways, should be aware that they are breaking the law.

Part 9 of the Highways Act, 1980, is quite specific on this point: Wilful obstruction of free passage along a highway is an offence punishable by a fine.

The Highways Agency now places signs before major roadworks asking road users to ‘Merge in turn’, because this is the quickest and least polluting way to keep traffic moving. Why should it be any different at any other chokepoint or narrowing of the road?

Those who pull over to the left to join the end of the queue clearly have time on their hands, but they are being both selfish, dangerous, and as it happens, offending, if they decide to try to make every other road-user pull in behind them.

Steve Haynes

Goodwood Gardens