LETTER: Setting the record straight about geese being moved

I WOULD like to, once and for all, set the record straight regarding the disappearance of the geese from the Pond Barn, in the light of recent letters from Miss HA Thomas and Simon Wild:-

1 The geese were purchased by the previous owners (Mr and Mrs King) about 15 years ago. This has been confirmed to myself and the police by Mrs Jean King.

2 The geese were therefore, part of the sale of the business as fixtures and fittings, and passed on to us. I did not know this at the time of purchase.

3 Jane and Simon Wild do not have ‘full support of the neighbours’. To the contrary, we have been overwhelmed with support from residents who, quite rightly, want ‘their’ geese back. As Miss Thomas points out, she has enjoyed them for 28 years.

4 They also claim that two of the geese were suffering from ‘bumble foot’ which is apparently a condition caused by the geese walking on concrete – a practice the geese have been doing every day, in part due to local residents leaving food for them. It is true that two locals did feed them on a regular basis – but that was their own choice and not an informal arrangement.

I should also point out that the gander killed by a motorist was before we took over the business and the geese not only acted as unofficial speed calming for cars, but also offered protection to the ducklings from the resident local fox. Since the theft of the geese, traffic now races up and down and most of the ducklings have disappeared, presumably taken by the fox.

My final thoughts are that no matter what their intentions were, I find it incredulous that the Wilds did not have the decency to speak to me (about any concerns they may have had) before they acted.

Simon Reynolds

Pond Barn Bar and Restaurant

Farm Road

Bracklesham Bay